Background of owner


Worked and lived in Takoradi, Ghana, from 1998 until 2013.

Started as a financial controller for a cocoa processing company and from 2003 till 2013 co-owner of a technical trading company, ITSC Ltd.

During my time with ITSC, I gained a lot of experience in import, clearing, duties and all other legal and administrative procedures in Ghana.

Since September 2013, I have used all this experience and knowledge about the market in Ghana, to set up a more international trading & consultancy company.

In the Netherlands Hurricane Trading is a new company, established in September 2013.



In Ghana we still work with reliable partners for clearing, distribution, invoicing and finances.

One of our partners is NSC Company Limited, located in Takoradi, and has shown great reliability already for handling the Ghana side of this business.


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  • Warehouse in Holland for consolidating shipments
  • Sourcing on request with transparent pricing
  • DDP or CIF/CFR delivery possible in Ghana
  • CIF/CFR delivery in the rest of West Africa
  • Experienced in Ghana since 1998
  • Tax-law, tax planning, double taxation
  • Immigration, investment & admin regulations
  • Investment and partner vetting







  • Email: hurricanetrading@cloggieman.com
  • Mobile Ghana: +233 244 330 401
  • Mobile International: +31 6 50 584 310